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Avneet Kaur

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Hey! Im Avneet Kaur. I am a confident and outgoing person and love to read and write. For me, writing about something is reaching out to masses which is a small step to outstand the crowd and be the change which I have wished to pre-exist. :)

Avneet Kaur
8 Min Read

What is the most important element in the biosphere for humans? Ah! I hope everyone must be thinking in the same direction, which is the only right direction, AIR! After facing a pandemic because of COVID-19, which primarily affected the respiratory system, the value of…

Avneet Kaur
7 Min Read

The world currently is witnessing a very high level of displacement of people. It is a humanitarian crisis. There are millions of stateless people who have been denied a nationality and their access to fundamental rights like healthcare, employment, education and freedom of movement has…