To begin with, let me quote my favourite quote of all times about happiness-
“The happiness which comes from long practice, which leads to the end of suffering, which at first is like poison, but at last like nectar – this kind of happiness arises from the serenity of one’s own mind.”

These words, if read with a deep breath can teach an individual the values of living a life he dreams off. Happiness is a manifestation of one’s own mind, and it’s very much valid. Remember as a little being, when a simple candy would bring a broad smile on those chubby cheeks and as we grow up, even a huge thing as big as buying a new house wouldn’t bring us happiness.

The reason is straightforward if understood, along with its implementation. We link our pleasure with the level of satisfaction we get from anything. As we complete more revolutions around the sun, get mature, we forget the real essence of being happy lies within oneself. Pursuing happiness is as simple as setting up an alarm to wake up early in the morning, but as mind-boggling as actually waking up to that alarm.

Universe functions on the belief system. We are what are thoughts made us. So why not send good vibes into the universe and receive smiles in return. Give it a try.

What is happiness?

Happiness is not what many of us think about it; instead, it is a state of mind in which one even chooses to stay happy in the darkest hours of his life and live his life with full of joy without any state of tension. It is something that comes from inside of our heart, our mind, it neither reside in money nor in materialistic things.

For me, happiness is all about living life with full enjoyment and having peace of mind with a pure and fresh reason. But in today’s life, we believe in the happiness that doesn’t exist; we have linked happiness with money, comfort, society and many more. We are looking for it on that road which is covered with shady trees, colourful flowers and beautiful butterflies but these eye-catching things are nothing but a rattrap whose beauty lasts only for a few seconds. Every second we are rushing and trying to catch the bait that is inside the rattrap the same way Tom is catching Jerry but at last, gets nothing except trouble.

Being happy in itself is very simple, but we are recklessly going behind these short term happiness and trouble our life by ourselves which one could live with the right terms also. We should not try to find the happiness here and there in the things that do not last long but should make our inner self aware of the fact that satisfaction is all in it and no one can make you happy other than your inner-self.

Happiness doesn’t mean laughing enjoying and celebrating every time, but rather than this, it means self-contentment, and it is imperative to know the immense pleasure and incredible power of contentment. Give more and more time to yourself close your eyes, take a deep breath and feel the everlasting beauty of becoming content with what you have and who you already are.

Suppose a person is having a lot of money and all the facilities to live a luxurious life but do not have peace of mind. They do not have a happy life despite having all facilities because they are searching happiness in money and all these worldly materialistic things, but they don’t know it is their peace of mind which can make them happy.

“Happiness is self contentedness


Happiness is a Journey, Not a Destination

What if I say “we all are mentally sick” if we are pondering over the past and its tragic dramas again and again. We are tensed about what had happened and what had never happened this practice is a form of insanity, melancholy can not put things right that was just the horror dream now open your eyes and see the beautiful life is welcoming you with open arms. I know most of you who are reading this article are going through a challenging period of life. This 2020 is already very cruel; so don’t add more cruelty in your life be your good friend.

We usually say ‘Nobody loves me’ if we are not in love with ourselves then how can we expect this from others. Don’t waste your precious time in removing dead form graves. Today is all that you have it’s your day Comm’n and shape it in your way. Steal minutes from hours. Open the vault of memories hunt the beautiful ones and keep them in your pocket and keep going on with a confident smile.

Speak only that which will bring you honour.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Happiness is a self-made mirage

Today we all are running behind the success like nothing else without actually thinking about our mental stability. Before doing anything in life, one should ask himself a question that “Am I happy in life for whatever I am doing? Do I have any regret for it? To make our inner self awake that not all things are done for money, cars, luxurious life, and all that, but something has also to be done for our happy mind also.

There is a common saying, as the ignorant musk deer(Kasturi Mrig) lopes from here to there following the mesmerising scent that emanates from its own naval, we all look for happiness in the outer world when it exists within us. Look for the thing that makes you happy and satisfy you.

We have lost it deep inside us, and we are looking for it in the fake world not this only we even suppose that we will get it in the outside world.

Stop looking for Happiness and start living it”


Chisel up your goals with free and happy mind

Anything that is done with an open mind and a contented heart gives us more output than that is done with sadness and stress. Try to relax completely and then begin whatever you are going to do.

It is never too late to follow your heart; age is just a number be young in your thoughts. Your true happiness lies in your heart’s desire. Look for it and move towards it without stopping for anything less than that.

Addiction of dreams is more potent than that of drugs, so be addicted towards your goals, your passion, stay motivated, give your 100% and let your work bloom. You have potential, and the fire inside you which can destroy the fear of loss, the fear of staying average, the fear of being recessive and once these fears will destroy I am sure you will win the world and fly with colourful feathers. Your spark will enlighten the whole world.

Start focusing on the small things that make you happy and do enjoy every moment of life with the fullest of energy. Stop comparing yourself with others and be motivated all the time. The more you will keep yourself motivated, the more you will feel good and happy.

Stay away from Lust

Lust can of any type, sex, money, winning, and many more. It can be the most significant cause of your unhappiness. Money can buy you the mines of the diamond, gold even the most expensive thing in the world. Happiness is something above all this. It is also known by another name “Positive Psychology”.

If you say, money is everything then you must know even the wealthiest person of the world is not happy, not satisfied he has a fear of being murdered even the person who has everything from a villa to the most expensive vehicle has committed suicide. Why? What is the need?.

Happiness is something related to inner you, your cognitive psychology; it is that medicine which helps you to stay calm at every moment it boosts us to think positive even in the most negative situation. It is often associated with self-confidence, self-esteem and other concepts that marry the self with feeling content and happy.

As it is used to said that extra of anything is not sound like that if you wish for more and more, then it is going to make you sad and feel low. Focus on what you have and enjoy every moment to the fullest.

Smile – The Expression Of Happiness

Keep your smile as big and as bright as the sunflower. It is the expression of happiness and joy in you; it comes from inside. Like an upward spiral, a smile will boost satisfaction in you. Don’t grief, worry, fear or stress, all these weaken your liver, lungs, heart and brain and other organs of the body. You do one thing, and that is a SMILE.

Smile keeps everything away. The more you smile, the more you feel fresh like lemons. Whenever demotivational thoughts came into your mind, flip them as rapidly as lightning before they destroy your energy and zeal to do something different, something unique.

Always stay motivated and active, and know your inner power the real you, be realistic, keep smiling and enjoy every little moment when something good happens with you. Always try to bring a smile on others face also as the law of attraction says that the more you give, the more you get. And there is no going back again.

Remember you are born to be happy, to shine, to rock, you are the unique piece in the entire universe. Among 7.8 billion people there is nobody like you, you are unique, and you are exceptionally different from everyone you have met till now and from you are going to meet in future. You should be proud of yourself, whatever you are.

What should we do to stay happy?

There is need to stay happy to be healthy, to be well being, being mentally stable and to keep others happy, there is a need to remain satisfied, and there are tons of ways to boost happiness in life. Some of them are mentioned underneath:


1. Train your mind

Your mind is the most powerful weapon you have, train it well. Whatever you will think your mind will take you in that direction. The mind is the only cause of distraction. Try to keep it in control, don’t get flow away with If we will think negative, we will not be able to stay content all the times, so always think positive and positive thinking enhances the beauty of our soul and mind.

What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create


2. Conquer negative thoughts

We are not less than superman just we have to know our superpowers and have to conquer the negative thoughts.

3. Don’t try to stop negative thoughts

Telling yourself “I have to stop thinking about this”, only makes you think about it more. Have you ever heard about the Zeigarnik effect according to this effect we are more likely to remember and think about the interrupted or incomplete task? So stop your thoughts if you really want to get rid of your thoughts try to solve a problem instead of rush away from it.

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4. Stop comparing yourself with others

You are one in a billion. There was nobody like you, there is nobody like you and there will be nobody like you. So stop comparing yourself if you are doing this then you are insulting the creation of God. There is nothing more expensive than the peace of your mind. Value yourself you are precious.

All the powers in the universe are already ours. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark.

Swami Vivekananda

World Happiness Report

The World Happiness Report is a survey done on a global level to see how much people are happy and how contented they conceive themselves. It is published by United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network every year and ranks 156 countries of the globe. It takes into account factors such as freedom to make life choices, healthy life expectancy, generosity, gross domestic product (GDP), perceived corruption, social support from friends, as well as emotions of the respondents, both good and bad.

Happiness is doing more than usual.”


Finland is that country which is leading the list from the past three consecutive years. It is neither biggest nor the powerful nation, but even then it offers plenty of services to his public that even the most developed don’t. The reasons behind this success are well-functioning democracy, low levels of corruptions, welfare benefits and sense of freedom and autonomy.

Besides this, it is doing exceptionally well in the economy with having the best global brands like Nokia, Supercell – creators of Clash of Clans and Rovio- angry bird developers. Law and order are flexible, workplaces and the education system is far ahead than other countries.


At last, I would love to conclude this by saying that it is not what we have around us that makes us happy but what is inside us makes us happy, the one who wants to live happily will be happy even in the worst conditions. Still, the one who doesn’t wish to will not be even after having every luxury and everything well being around him. So its the choice of yours how do you want to live, decide it now.

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