Let’s take a deep dive and find out what the quote wants to say to us and what is the role played by the public schools in our lives. Education is important for economic and social transformations. Education plays an important role in creating an equitable society.

 The education system in this country has gone through a lot of changes as per the growing needs. The Indian education system is facing a lot of problems for the past days, and the government is implementing many various schemes to improve it. Many of the state governments had sent their teachers to foreign educational institutions to update their skills and to improve the quality of education taught in the schools. But is it enough?

A lot of students are getting benefited from the new rules of the education system. Education is given to the students in several different ways, such as private schools, public schools, private institutions, and many more.

To discuss the key role of the government, we will discuss the role of public schools. Let’s discuss how they are transforming. As from past days, there is a drift change in their performance. The government had implemented several useful schemes which we will discuss further. Educations is primarily provided by the public and the private schools which are controlled by the central, state, and local government. The ratio of public schools and private schools is near around 7:5. India has improved the education system and is working as the primary contributor to economic development.

According to the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) 2012, 97.6% of rural children are enrolled in schools.

Although there are private schools in India, they are highly regulated in terms of what they can teach, but nowadays there is an excellent upliftment in the status of public schools.

Initiatives Taken by Government

The Union HRD ministry is working on improving the education system in the country. Let’s discuss the initiatives taken by the government to improve the education system :

Educational channels

Many educational media are introduced by the government, which is providing education to every part of India. Several channels such as SWAYAM PRABHA DTH-TV are introduced which are free of cost. There are 32 channels launched by the government. NIOS is running five channels for teachers, for secondary and senior secondary levels, and sign language.

public education and state of children

Repository of e-resources

E-resources such as E-pathshala is introduced, and it is providing various aspects of education. Several textbooks, audios, video lectures are introduced to give the solutions of the NCERT textbooks. It also includes a variety of printed and non-printed materials.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

MHRD has launched a popular course known as SWAYAM (Study Webs of Active Learning for Young Aspiring Minds) on July 9, 2017. Several NCERT class modules are introduced for the students of different classes. 12 and 21 courses have been completed in the first cycle and second cycle until November 30, 2018, on the SWAYAM platform (https://swayam.gov.in/). This created a vast effect on the education system as free education given platforms are introduced from which several students are getting benefited. Nearly 20,000 and 30,000 students got registered in the first and the second half cycle.

Interactive classroom study

The government had also launched the Rashtriya Aavishkar Abhiyan (RAA) program on (09.07.2015). The main aim of this program is to motivate the students of different age groups towards the study and help them to discover new things in various subjects such as mathematics, science, English, general knowledge and many more. Different things are learned with the help of observations, experimentations, and many more. The Central Government supports a subprogram of ‘Padhe Bharat Badhe Bharat’ (PBBB) in which grade reading, writing and comprehension, and early mathematics programs are done.

E-learning material for students and teachers

To upgrade the skills of the teachers and students. The government introduced the DIKSHA channel where high-quality e-learning material both for students and teachers are uploaded by ministry and states/UTs on this portal. This material is of no additional cost. Hence it will help teachers and students to upgrade their skills.

Subject–wise learning

The Central rules to the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act, 2009 has been implemented to include a reference on class-wise, subject-wise learning outcomes. They serve as a guideline for the children and provide them with education in different languages such as Hindi, English, Urdu, mathematics, environmental studies, and many more.

National achievement survey (NAS)

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) conducts national surveys of learning achievement of students in classes 3, 5, 8, and 10. Four rounds or three rounds are shown for the survey in different courses. This helps the government to know about the improvement statics in the education system for varying levels of age groups. Fourth and third-round help to learn more about the improvement status in public education.

Quality education

More focus on these days is given on the quality of the education. As a myth was developed in the minds of the people that public schools are not the best way where their children can get quality of education, but nowadays the quality of education is given in different schools and help the students for innovating themselves and to take a deep dive in the respective other subjects.

Effect of the corona

A new grading system is introduced in schools nowadays. As online education is being promoted so in public schools smart mobile phones are given to students of higher classes and below the poverty line so that they can get a better education and this corona doesn’t affect their education. Public schools are giving the best education through online methods and are providing more awareness among the student age groups of different levels. 

Grading system

The grading system is also improved as the COVID-19 is affecting a lot of age group’s education. So, a new grading system is introduced in schools. Online exams are conducted in various schools, and students are promoted based on their internal assessments and assignments. Furthermore, details are given by the MHRD portal about the grading system of different age groups.

“The school system is designed to teach obedience and conformity and prevent the child’s natural capacities from developing.”

Noam Chomsky

So, from this, we found that the government is taking a number of steps to improve the education system in India. Different initiatives are taken by them, which are vigorously implemented at every tier and help the students to discover new things. The myth in the minds of people of not sending their students to government schools is now changing day by day as many of the students from the government schools are reaching the top level of success. 

Quality of study is more important these days, and the government is helping the students whether they are poor so that they can access the new methods of studying. To promote girls’ education, different scholarships are also given. 

So this is all that research says. At the starting of the article, we went with an interesting quote about what the school system wants to teach us. But this myth is changing day by day, and the schooling system is getting improved. 

What we all need now? How can we help the government to improve education further?

To answer this, I think that one should motivate the students around them and tell them interesting facts about schools and education. Keep interacting with them and help them to discover new things. Government schools are also there to promote the student’s education. 

90% of American students are enrolled in public schools. What they think is ” our focus is on fully funding and improving the system, not siphoning money into the private systems.”

So what our responsibility is to co-operate with the government as they take many initiatives to promote the education system and its quality. This will not only help in the promotion of the new education system in India but also helps in the development of our country. Spend money where there is a need. CO-operate with the Government. 

So from getting a glimpse of the article, we learned how the stats of the public schools are improving day by day and how they are reaching the topmost levels. We also learned that the government took different steps to improve the schooling system as the government and teachers are doing their best to provide education to every tier of society. Here the only need is to support them and help them to reach different goals; this will not only help in the development of the country but also helps to improve the quality of education taught to the students. So, one must promote public schools over private institutions.

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