Everyone wants to have a job that gives them all the luxuries of life. Luxury has become crucial with changing years and also the job scale. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the market drastically where so sectors went up; on the other hand; some saw a downfall. If you wish to have a stable professional career and life, you can look at the list of jobs we have sorted for you.

Now you have to grab your hands on them. These jobs can make you rich, and you can have your pockets filled in the year 2021. The new digital change India has seen to become more digital in the coming years. The digital-based companies require a lot of skills that are not full, yet there is a lot of scope in these areas. 

Following are the top and highest paying job profiles to look at:

Machine learning and data science are the highest paying jobs in India and the entire world.

1. Doctors and Surgeons

The healthcare sector has recently seen a boom due to the hit of the COVID-19 pandemic. So there has a massive number of job openings in this sector. It is very uncertain that when a sector can catch fire; the same was the case with the coronavirus pandemic. As per the medical profession’s standard pay scale in India, a medical professional’s average pay scale is around 10 Lakh per annum. The reports also state that approximately 25% of the medical professions earn about 20 Lakh per annum annually.

The primary factor determining the salary of any person pursuing medicine as a career is specialization in the stream. It will depend on their profession and what they will earn, as both are interlinked. As the need for healthcare in India has made it more feasible for people to have more affordable and quality healthcare services, this is the reason the industry is advancing more and is expanding on the same hand.

If we look at the latest figure, it comes out that the rapid growth of the healthcare industry will get India back to the top three healthcare markets and is expected to see this by the end of 2021. 

In India, MBBS is the required degree to enter for becoming a doctor. Some of the skills include willingness to help others, compassion, quick thinking, excellent interpersonal skills, patience, calm nature, and many others. Top employers in India’s industry are AIIMS, Apollo, Fortis, Max, and Columbia Asia. 

2. Data Scientist

This job profile has recently taken the catch and is supposed to be one of India’s most highly paid jobs. A salary data scientist gets supposed to be between 4 lacs – 12 lacs. The only consideration is the certified experts. Even if they don’t have any prior experience, it will work where ad Data Scientist of 5 years in their profession can earn around 60-70 Lakhs per annum. The data scientist is a very new and best option to get a job with hands full of salary. The education qualification required for this profile is engineering with BE/Btech or graduates.

And the skills required are:

  • The ability to work with complex formulas.
  • A better understanding of consumer psychology.
  • Programming language skills.

A data scientist’s job is to manage and collect the organization’s data where that data scientist is working. He further looks at what actions can be taken from the data to improve business profits and consumer relationships. They should have a strong nag on mathematics, stats, analytics, computer science, and programming. If you are stuck on how to go about it, then here is some recommendation for you. 

  • Engineers and graduates can opt for a PG diploma in the data science
  • A masters in data science is also a feasible option

Some of the big brands offering a job as data scientists are Amazon, People Interactive, GreyAtom, Walmart labs, Procter, and gamble. 

3. Machine Learning Experts

A machine learning engineer in India can earn around Rs 691,892. Simultaneously, machine learning experts with less than one year of experience can earn Rs 501,058. After the professionals or experts have gained many years of experience, they are expected to reach around 1,948,718. Bangalore, which is also heard as the year’s silicon valley, is the perfect destination for machine learning experts and gives 20% more than its average.

The scale can also go up if you have good knowledge of python. Bangalore is the first that has a job opening for machine learning experts, and the next is Delhi NCR. The educational qualification is BE, BTECH in computer science/stats/IT/data science/mathematics. If you have a higher degree like PG or Doctorate, your earning scale will also be more extensive. Machine learning and data science are the highest paying jobs in India and the entire world. Your duties as an ML expert will include:

  • conducting statistical analysis
  • fine-tune the test results 
  • train the ML systems
  • design ML programs and algorithms. 

Brands that are hiring Machine Learning experts are Accenture, IBM, Zycus, Quantiphi, ITC Infotech. 

4. Blockchain Developer

The average pay scale that a blockchain developer gets is around Rs 8,01,938. As there are fewer blockchain developers in the industry, the organizations are ready to offer a handsome salary amount. The Indian government is planning to have a good investment in Blockchain technology. The Niti Ayog strategy has made the blockchain a core part with some other technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and loT.

The educational qualification required is BE OR BTECH in computer science/ stats/ mathematics./ information technology. Organizations prefer the candidate who has previous experience working in popular coding languages like C#, C++, and python. Therefore the skills required are a good understanding of blockchain architecture and data structures, knowledge in cryptography and DApps, an adequate knowledge of blockchain platforms like Hyperledger, EOS, Fabric, Etheruem, and others.

Blockchain technology has reduced the cost and increased the speed and reach to be highly used. The public, as well as private sectors, are hiring experts in this field.

The duty is to design, develop and then test the blockchain apps and systems, evaluate apps to move with the new technologies coming in, maintaining the client and server-side applications. People with given educational qualifications can apply for jobs as blockchain developers. The best way to be in the professional field is to have a prior certificate specializing in blockchain. Some of the top employers of blockchain are Auxesis, Signzy, Sofocle, SoluLab, Primchain, OpenXcell, and others. 

5. Full-stack Software Developer

The people just entering the professional worlds of full stack developer can earn around 375,000 per annum. The already experienced ones who have experienced about 1 to 4 years can earn about 553,000 per annum. Therefore the mid-level ones with 5 to 9 years of experience can make around 1,375,000 per annum. The industry is targeted at providing 2.5 to 3 million job opportunities in the country.

The requirement of educational qualification is a bachelor’s degree, either BE or BTECH in computer science/ IT/ Information science. Adding to this, they must have a significant nag in programming languages like Java, c++, Python, Ruby, and others.

The skills required are understanding frontend and backend design, understanding software development practices, nag of necessary design skills and web architecture, knowing well REST and HTTP protocols, fluency in Javascript, CSS, and HTML. The primary task is to be a web developer as well as have an understanding of the database systems. It is one of the highest-paying jobs in India. They are expected to work with CSS, HTML and keep intact with the clients and target audience.

The duties of a full stack developer are:

  • to create database functions and servers
  • to design APIs
  • to design both backend and frontend website architecture
  • to keep scanning the applications for multiple platforms 

To be a full stack developer, people with a background in IT and computer science can do online courses further. The system lets them have insights in-depth about the practical world. Mix them with the internships, and then you can have a fair amount of exposure, as exposure is nearly essential. The top employers are Barclays, Dell, IBM, Siemens, Simpalm, ChromeInfotech.

6. Product Management

The product manager can earn around 14,40,000 Lakhs per annum. Simultaneously, the freshers with less experience or, in that case, with no experience, can reach about 7 to 8 lakhs per annum. At the same time, experienced professionals can earn around 17 to 26 Lakhs per annum. The excellent salary scale is offered by some of the brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Ola.

Almost all businesses today have a customer-centric approach, so there is a need for development, product design, and management. If we look at the coming years, the job role is expected to rise and be double what it is now. The educational qualification required is a bachelor’s in business administration and related filed such as Economic, communication, public and marketing, and others like public relations, management, and advertising.

The organizations are looking for educational background with degrees in senior-level product management roles. The skills required can achieve prototypes, product, manufacture, delivery, customer needs, and getting to know what they are looking for. In straightforward language, the product manager must understand the customer requirements and see what features can be bought, then working with required teams to achieve the targets. It is not just the job that will take you in; in fact, looking for options will also help if you are passionate about being a product manager.

A product manager’s duty also requires coordinating with different departments like engineering, sales, marketing, etc. The top employers for this profile are Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Uber, Ola, Flipkart. People aspiring to be a product manager can also opt for a certification course if they do not have a matching degree or want specialization to know the field better. The certificate course throws light on design, product planning and development, market research, analytics, and learning a lot from the system. 

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