Greetings, random person! It’s a beautiful day to learn some social etiquettes, isn’t it!? Assuming that you agree, let me just start by saying that people tend to notice even the smallest thing in the behaviour and actions of the person that they are talking to while conversing. Let it be the hint of annoyance that you show while talking about something that you dislike or the way that your face lit up while telling them about your favourite singer.

These little gestures or expressions along with your para verbal communication (pitch, tone and pace of the voice while talking) together determine the quality of your social skills and the social crowd that you draw towards yourselves.

So without further ado, here’s the list to 7 social etiquettes to swear by that can make you the star of any social event (or at least get a lot of people to notice you).

Social Etiquettes

 Human Being is called a social animal and to be good in society; he needs to behave appropriately. Etiquettes are the certain set of rules or guidelines that one should follow for behaving in a socially responsible way and which controls the way of a responsible individual and his behaviour in the society. In simple words, social etiquettes are the good manners that distinguish humans from animals, it brings in them the cultured essence, and they leave a mark wherever they go because of which a person can earn such tremendous respect and appreciation.

 1. Smile

 I cannot stress this enough! A smile is the best makeup a person can wear! I’m sure you must know a certain someone who has a beautiful smile, the kind of smile that can melt anyone’s heart. Having a smile on your face can instantly make you much more approachable. A little smile on your face can hide all your fears and make you look more confidential, and it makes it easy for others to approach you.

Think of it in this way, imagine that you are lost somewhere, and you want to ask someone where to go- Who would you rather approach? A person who is smiling while talking to a kid or someone who is on the phone with someone sporting a scowl on their face? The answer is obvious! Similarly, if you want other people to have a positive impression of you, smiling is a must! Especially while talking to them in person. It’ll definitely make you more approachable, and you will have a positive attitude among others. It will make you livelier, and everyone starts to behave with you very contently.

There will not be any fear among others to approach you, and you will become friendlier and more social with time, that will increase your confidence level. Make sure you listen to people very carefully and nicely while asking for something and should have a little smile on your face, so he feels comfortable to ask you anything. Be spontaneous not typically scholarly or academic, be simple friendly and communicate with simple language.

2. Body Language

Looking upon your appearance is the most important factor in having a good impression on others and a good sense of dress-up, hairstyle and some little touch up will make you bolder, and it will bring in you the light of self-confidence.

Believe me, if your appearance is up to mark you will feel very much confident, and it will automatically bring a natural smile on your face which I in earlier topic discuss how much important it is for confidence. You should keep in mind also the posture of your body; body language also has a significant impact on our impression on others. It will decide the behaviour of our body while communicating others; we should maintain ourselves as other people should feel a positive vibe from us.

There is something that we need to keep in mind about our body language is that we should keep our shoulders straight back, should stand straight forward and keep your chin high. When you behave as confident outside, it will automatically stimulate your brain in the same manner and make you more confidential not only outside but will reflect your inner side also.

3. Communication

Regardless of your identity, whoever you are and whatever you are, you will have had to communicate with other people throughout your whole life. It is not possible to live in this world without communicating with each other. If you are a good communicator, then it will easy for you to keep your views or ideas in front of the other people and they will quickly get what you want to convey to them.

And there are a lot many advantages of being good communicator such as we can share our information with others easily. If we are good at communicating with others then we can win people to our site, and it will also help us to raise our children with good understanding among them; moreover, there doesn’t then seem a generation gap then if we communicate with our children with proper way. 

Now here I am going to tell you about some tips that we should keep in mind while communicating with others.

  • Try to have a decent conversation while you have a dialogue with others, never talk too much just keep it sensible but naturally little short, so the person you are talking with doesn’t feel bored. You will then find yourself in a corner thinking why people are walking around you without having a single word. 
  • Try to keep the conversation in a balance on both sides, let other people also have their word so that the conversation becomes more attractive from both sides. 
  • Avoid gossip, it is a bad habit to gossip in public and sometimes if you say something wrong while gossiping it will backfire you then.
  • Avoid using the phone as much as possible while you are in any public function talking with others. Because no one is interested in listening to your private conversation and not a single person can wait and watch while you are texting someone and discussing the meme or joke rounding around the internet. 
  • In a nutshell, whatever you do, please don’t use your phone it can lead to irritation to other people that might cause an ugly fight in public; for example, you are in ATM to get cash, and there is a huge line behind you. Now it’s your turn to withdraw cash, but you are chatting or playing around on the phone thinks how much irritating it will be, so better to avoid your phone in public.

4. Avoid Negativity and Negative People

We should avoid the people who have negative approach or attitude towards us because it is tough to be confident among such people who degrade you or makes you feel low by judging you every time. We must get rid of those people in the same way we get rid of some bad habits in our life. These kinds of people will never let you do what you want to do as they will criticize you on everything you do whether you are right or wrong, their only motive is to pull you down and make you confused in every aspect.

Now the only thing you can do to avoid these people is to ignore and be away from them as much as possible you can be. Don’t ever socialize with such persons beyond your time required and if you by chance exchange conversation with them, try to keep it short and straightforward and always speak the truth. Don’t give attention to whatever they say about you and your personality; just be sure that you are only focused on your mission and be passionate about your vision.

Even if things aren’t going the way you want them don’t get panic, just be calm and always have a bright smile on your face. Don’t let stress to make you less focused on your goals; it will lead to a negative impact on your life. You need to be sure that if you are feeling with someone a vibe of superiority complex you should immediately make it clear with that person I am getting superiority feeling in you and should try to be away from that person.

You have to be very careful while people are talking negative about you, at that time just keep a hold on your anger and try to be calm and cool down, let them say whatever they want to say just ignore that by giving them a little killing smile that is enough for them to be quite. 

One thing that I want to mention here is that try to surround yourself with more people who give you positive vibes and always makes you feel that you are the best version of yourself. It should not be like that you are only surrounding people who always praise you even if you are wrong, those should be like be straight forward. They should tell you whenever you are wrong and make you right over there.

If you surround yourself with such a person, I am 100% sure that you will progress 100 times day by day because it is easy to grow forward among such persons. One thing is there that you will become the same person with whom you spend time. So the choice is all yours.

5. Show Some Good Manners

It is all about our childhood when we visit our relatives or any function; our mom was trying to feed us in a certain way and eat in another way. This entire thing she was telling us about the manners that we need to show with other people. Our mom from our childhood tells us how to behave outside our home with other persons, how to eat, how to sit, how to talk and many more things she tells us to follow while we go anywhere.

As we grow, we came to know ourselves how we should maintain our dignity and respect among other people. We come to know which type of behaviour we should show and where this all comes in handy with time. But we need to keep some points in mind regarding the manners that I am going to mention here:-

  • Wherever you go whether school, college, office or any function always be there on time.
  • Always be gentle with others and try to converse politely with them.
  • Always greet people with “good morning” “good afternoon” “good evening” “good night” etc.
  • Use words like Sorry, Thank you, Excuse me, Please and many more wherever needed,

6. Pretend to be bold and confident

To be bold builds in you a spirit of confidence, and it will lead you way far in achieving your goals. If you are shy, hesitating and conservative type person, then, believe me, it is going to drag you down. Now what you have to do is to pretend bold and confident even if you are not, because it is going to help you a lot. To hesitate means the opposite of boldness, i.e. there is something that pulls you back from choosing your own decision, so you need to push yourself to do that and make the first move. You should not hesitate and should take action on your own.

You need to pretend that you are already bold by doing something unique and unexpected by taking risks and do create opportunities. Rediscover yourself and know your strong and weak points, so that you can work on them. Always make your point, like if you want to ask any question say it, doesn’t be hesitate and try to negotiate things. One more thing if you’re going to say NO to anyone, Say it! Because you cannot follow others all the time like a donkey.

7. No one is born with confidence

One thing that is for sure is that no one is born with confidence and boldness; only the difference is that some are good at hiding it while others cannot hide it. Everyone has their own weaknesses, and at those weaknesses, they work to hide them and show confidence which covers their liability and make them bold and expressive. Near about, every person struggles with his or her self-confidence at one point and felt like it is over, but they overcome it and hide away their weaknesses and comes out to be confident and bold.

If you think you are only one who is not confident, assertive and expressive but wait, let me make it clear to you that you’re not alone, but there are thousands of lakhs over there who are still struggling with their confidence level. And if you still think someone who is confident and bold according to you, no doubt he/she may be confident outside, but he is that same person inside.

7. Social etiquettes: confidence

In the end, I would like to tell you that we should have faith in ourselves and make decisions very carefully so that the results come to put to be fabulous. We need to be bold enough to take our decisions and ask for whatever we feel and keep our point of view in front of people. Thank you for reading it till the end.

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