Games are part of life. Every person in the world is eager for gaming whether he is a child, adult or old. Games are also considered as culture and costume of various communities of the society. These are played for enjoyment, relax, rid from boredom, time pass or for skill enhancement or sometimes for achievement or rewards as well. Some people make games as their profession.

Games are played alone, as a team or group of teams. These have some key components which include goals, challenge, rules and interaction. These are used as an exercise for both, mental as well as physical and activate our nervous system for proper functioning.

Games provide lots of benefits like improve coordination, problem-solving techniques, memory enhancement, attention and concentration towards an activity. A student who is playing games acquire confidence, the ability for compete and becomes prepare for facing challenges in his life as while playing games he or she learns that he will win or get defeated by another.

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Here I am going to tell you some of the Best Arcade Games of 2020.


PUBG stands for “Players Unknown’s Battleground” is an online game in which more than one player can play a game. The game is released and published by South Korean company Bluehole in 2017. The game is an online battle royale game in which the players can play in a single-mode known as solo, in a dual-mode known as a duo or in a quad mode called as Squad mode.

The total number of players in the game is 100, and the player (or squad) who dies will get out of the game. Finally, the one (solo, duo or squad) who persists till the end of the game in the battlefield will become the winner of the game. The currency of the game is BCS which is used for purchasing new clothes for a player, and it enhances the game.

pubg games

PUBG becomes more popular and famous because it provides a social environment to the players while playing the game, the player plays and talks with the company at the same time, and another factor is its online environment. The game has 400 million downloads from the last two years, and it has earned billions of revenue in these years. The game is played globally by millions of people. India has banned PUBG on September 2, 2020, due to its conflict with China. 

Besides its advantages it has some deadly drawbacks, a large number of people became violent, brain stroked and addictive. It has lots of harmful effects on health that is eyesight defect, increases in weight, weakness of memory etc. one should avoid over gaming.



Call of duty (COD) is a shooter game released by Activision in the year 2003 after that new version of it came in the market which enhanced its features and popularity. The latest version of COD known as Warzone multiplayer battle royale released on March 10, 2020, and due to its new version, the game has got active six million players on the first day of its release.

After two months the active players have been increased by 60 million players. The game has almost the same features as PUBG. The game can be played in solos (singleplayer), duos (2 players), trios (3 players) with a total of 150 players in the game and the Quads mode the players’ number has been increased by 50, so the total players in Quads are 200.



A subway surfer is an android mobile game in which only a single person plays a game. The game was developed by Kiloo and SYBO Games and was released in May 2012. The game became so popular that it had been downloaded by billions of people on Google play store and a two billion of people downloaded on iTunes store in 2017 and in this year the game have obtained the record of most downloaded game in the world.

The game provides a high level of pleasure by engaging the people in the game. It is the endless running game in which the player is running throughout the game. The Jack with his dog is one of the characters in the game, who is chasing the player, the player has to cross all the obstacles and barriers which he faces while running on the road to remain to continue in the game and if he fails to cross any block, he will lose the game.

There are almost sixty-six characters in the game and to play in next level with a new character or unlock next level, you have to collect all coins and other gaming items like mystery boxes while running on the railway track, roads etc.



The Bubble shooter came into existence in 1994 by Taito Company, and its android version came in 2012. The game has about 50 million downloads on Google play store and Apple app store.

It is a single-player shooter game. The game can be played by matching at least three same colour balls to destroy the balls to make the playing field clear and when the player clears the playing field with no balls remaining on the field, he becomes the winner of the game. The game has four difficulty levels, i.e. Easy Ride, Novice, Expert, Master. The game is so exciting, colourful and time passing that everyone can entertain from it with a less number of disadvantages.



Vainglory is an online multiplayer battle game developed by Super Evil Megacorp for both Android and IOS. The game has released November 2014 for IOS and in July 2015 for Android smartphones.

The game has two opposing teams each containing three or five players, and each team has its own military base, three pathways known as lanes in the game and each lane possess a turret in order to defend its military base and in the interior of the base containing the cross vain known as Vain. The winner of the game is a team, who will destroy the Vain and attacking the Vain is not so easy, before attacking the Vain you have to beat the turrets on the lanes and kill enemies to reach into the enemy’s military base.



PUBG LITE is an online multiplayer battle game developed by South Korean company Bluehole on March 19, 2018. The game became popular due to its low configuration and easy to play, presently the game has millions of downloads and millions of participants. It has various features similar to PUBG; the game was introduced because the PUBG was run on heavy android phones so the PUBG LITE came into existence to play the game by another class of people who can’t afford to buy a heavy phone ( with high storage memory), and also a child class of people plays it.

If we compare some of the features of PUBG LITE with PUBG, PUBG size is about 2GB, and PUBG LITE is 491MB only. There are around 40 to 60 players who can play a game. And it also has a solo, duo, squad modes and the winner of the game is team, who will remain alive till the end of the game. The game can be installed on phones which have a low specification, i.e. about 1GB of RAM and 500MB of storage. 



Critical OPS is a multiplayer shooter game, also known as C-OPS. The game was released by Critical Force Entertainment Ltd on August 14, 2015, for web browser of the Facebook. After launching the game on the web browser, the people have faced various obstacles so the new version came into existence on August 30, 2016, which can be accessed through Gameroom of Facebook. When a good response has been obtained from players, the developers of this game have decided to launch an app of the game.

The game has attended high value of popularity that it has 50 million downloads and 16+ rating on Google play store. There are five maps in the game where players have to accomplish their major missions that build excitement in the players, so player complete more and more missions. The final result of this game is to finish the opponent team, and in the start of the game, the players have two choices, i.e. play as anti-terrorist or terrorist, and even there are two modes of the game which are Defuse and Deathmatch. When the opponent team gets killed, then the mission will have been completed.



Colour switch is a very simple and straightforward, free and addictive game that has been developed by Fortafy Games and launched in December 2015. It is like a Candy Crush but with more exciting things in it. In this game, you have to play as a small coloured circle which is of 1 to 4 different colours like blue, purple, orange or pink. Our motive is to touch on the screen to drive the ring in an upward direction, and in forwarding means you go on up.

There will be many obstacles that keep on moving and rotating to stop you from reaching the goal. But one needs to do is to move through obstacles but only pass through those who are of the same colour as your circle. Once you complete one block, the colour of your circle changes and as the game gets progress, the challenges will become more rigid and more stringent and challenging as you proceed further. This game is fast-paced, obstacle course type game and is suitable for kids, but many adults find it challenging to achieve goals in it.

This game is much interesting and is merely downloaded by 200 million people and is the fastest game also. The developer of this game David Reichelt hit gold with the colour switch after developing 40 mobile games. It was a big success for him.



Dan-the man is a popular game developed by Halfbrick with the partnership of Studio Joho. It has three game modes, i.e. survival mode, adventure mode (weekly mode) and lastly story mode, in which there are three prologue stages, 12 normal stages and 12 hard stages. This game is based on web series Dan the man, where Dan is the hero, and Josie is the heroine of this series. It was launched in August 2016.



Motu Patlu game is a racing game, released by Nazara games on February 18, 2019. The game can be downloaded on android 9.0 or above. The game has achieved so much popularity that it has been downloaded by about 10 million people on Google play store. In the game, the players have to race till the end of the level quickly and have to unlock the new versions of vehicles and increase the powerups by collecting the coins while running.

In the meanwhile of the game, the players see a John and his goons menacing the people of the town. The game is played mostly by children’s because there exists a serial which has same name Motu Patlu and the children’s are very addictive of it.


I hope you enjoyed getting knowing about them and also gave you some intentions to try one of them.


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