Italy is known to be one of the most culturally rich nations in the world, if not the richest. Travelling it from North to South, from East to West, wherever you stop, you will have the opportunity to visit something unique. The tourist spots in Italy are innumerable, and the list is endless. And a whole life would not be enough to see them all. 

And it’s a shame because every single site or landscape or whatever it is is different from the other. Each monument of Roman origin differs from each other. Every Italian church has at least one detail that distinguishes it from the others. This is Italy, a beauty that never tires you. 

Here today I present the ten most beautiful places you must visit once in life. So let’s go!

The Crypt of the Capuchin

The crypt of the Capuchin Friars is undoubtedly among the strangest places to see in Rome and is located under the church of Santa Maria Della Concezione in Piazza Barberini. The Crypt of the Capuchin Friars is made up of six small chapels, and the peculiarity is that these chapels house the remains of almost four thousand monks of the order of the Capuchins.

The monks began this practice in 1631, and since then the six chapels have been decorated with parts of bones to create chandeliers, seats and frames. A macabre and fascinating place at the same time that in turn recalls a secret and little known place in Milan: the Chapel of San Bernardino alle Ossa.

The Crypt of the Capuchin in Italy

The Largest Colony of Cats

The largest colony of cats in the city is among one of the particular places to visit in Rome. It is located in Largo Argentina wherein 1927 the historical ruins present in this pizza were discovered. Here you can spend a fun day admiring the archaeological site which is made up of the remains of four temples dating back to 300-400 BC.

The area today is an archaeological site that includes the ancient theatre of Pompey where Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 BC. But beyond the historical importance of this place, what attracts the most is the colony of cats that since 1993.


Ostiense is one of the southern districts of Rome and has always been one of the funniest places in the capital. A little because of the important presence of industrial sites, such as the General Markets which now houses the Roma Tre University, and a little because it is the historical heart of Roman gay life. 

In recent years, Ostiense has become the perfect place for street artists, and here it is not difficult to see entire buildings in the neighbourhood entirely painted. Among all the “Wall of Fame” by JB Rock, they are depicting famous writers, artists and musicians.

Como to Bellagio

An enchanting place in Lombardy, which is located on the road from Como to Bellagio. Nesso hides within it the Orrido di Nesso, a deep natural gorge located at the mouth of the Tuf and Nosè valleys: two streams that join in a waterfall that divides the village in two and flows into the lake.

Lake Molveno

Lake Molveno is located at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites and is a true paradise for those who love hiking, trekking and unspoiled nature. The lake is so clear that it resembles a mirror, in which the surrounding mountains are reflected.

Its beauty also bewitched Antonio Fogazzaro, who affirmed that Lake Molveno is a “very pure gem in a superb casket”. Near Lake Molveno there is a very famous and cheap pizzeria. The speciality of this pizzeria is that in addition to the quality which is very good also the quantity is not bad.

Lake Molveno in Italy

The Magic door of Piazza Vittoria

If you happen to be in these parts, you cannot fail to notice that in the middle of Piazza Vittorio and protected by two statues of the Egyptian god Bes, there is a somewhat mysterious door. The mystery is also fueled by a coded message that no one has yet revealed. The magic door or alchemical door of Rome was part of a villa of which today nothing remains, and it is said that the Marquis Palombara was able, through this door, to transform metals into gold. One of the magical and most mysterious places in Rome.

The symbols engraved on the Magic Door are classic illustrations of the books of alchemy and esoteric philosophy of the second half of the seventeenth century, and of which the library of the Marquis Palombara was incredibly rich. In particular, the design on the pediment of the Magic Door, with the two overlapping Masonic triangles and inscriptions in Latin, appears almost the same on the title page of a famous allegorical/alchemical book of the 17th century: the alchemical symbol of the sun and gold. 

The frieze represents a symbol of the alchemical sect of the Rosicrucians, reported in many texts of the seventeenth century. The alchemical symbols along the door jambs follow, with some slight discrepancies, the sequence of planets associated with the corresponding metals, in full Rosicrucian alchemical spirit. 

Saturn-lead, Jupiter-tin, Mars-iron, Venus-copper, Moon-silver, Mercury-mercury. A hermetic motto is associated with each planet, following the path from the bottom to the top right, to descend from the top to the bottom left, according to the direction indicated by the Hebrew Torah. The Magic Door can therefore be interpreted as a monument that marks the historic passage of the overthrow of the symbols of esoteric Christianity towards the new spiritual models that developed in the seventeenth century. 

Secret space at the Bardini Garden

Originally a medieval garden that was restored by art collector Stefano Bardini in the early 1900s (his vast art collection is housed in a museum just across the street), Giardino Bardini is a delightful escape from the ubiquity of stone and internal visits to all that is Renaissance art. While the Boboli Gardens are certainly better known to those who visit the Tuscan capital, the Bardini garden offers a more intimate and refined alternative. It features tiny caves, quiet corners, flowers blooming in spring, and views similar to those of Piazzale Michelangelo filled with tour buses.

Between April and October, the historic Kaffeehaus at the top of the garden is the ideal place for an afternoon espresso or to write your own literary stories under the Tuscan sun.

Acqua Alta Bookshop

I recommend this library because it is truly one of a kind. I discovered it years ago and every time I enter here, in addition to greeting the always present plump cat and its owner, I always come out with a new book, often a book about Venice, because here are some that are not online. They are not even sold. The library is unique because all of its books are arranged on shelves and boats; there is even a gondola inside. The library is unique because all of its books are placed on shelves and boats; there is even a gondola inside.

The Masone Labyrinth

Italy gives us many opportunities, such as being able to visit the largest labyrinth in the world without having to go far!  The Masone Labyrinth encompasses three-kilometre long paths along an area of ​​70 thousand square meters, and you can’t miss it! At the centre of the Labirinto della Masone you will find a square of two thousand square meters surrounded by arcades and large halls: it hosts concerts, parties, exhibitions and other cultural events. Overlooking the square, a pyramid-shaped chapel recalls the labyrinth as a symbol of faith. There are, for visitors, a café, a restaurant, a Parmesan gastronomic space and a bookshop where you can also find many now rare editions of Franco Maria Ricci. 

Lago di Braies

Lago di Braies is a fantastic place which makes you feel relaxed mentally and physically as well. This lake is located at the border of Austria and Italy. It’s an attraction for nature lovers, hikers and recreation seekers, in both summer and winter. The lake measures 36 m at its lowest point with an average depth of 17 m.

Even though Braies lake is listed amongst the bathing lakes of South Tyrol, only a few hardy people dare to jump into the cold waters. Lake Braies is one of the few places where the mind finds peace; in fact, there is the possibility to rent an apartment for a few days near the lake and have fun.

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In my opinion, Italy is a very fascinating, characteristic country and its beauties go beyond the limits of beauty and this leads it to be the most loved country by tourists. So why wait to go and discover the most beautiful places in the world?

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