What is the most common hobby in the world? What do the defence personnel have to do as a part of duty, and others do it for rejuvenation? What is the most basic thing that one has to do to go to the vacation-destination? Yes, you are thinking in the right direction. It is none other than travelling.
Everyone that enters our life and everything that we do teaches us something beyond its actual motif. This article will help you with the ulterior lessons you learn while travelling.


A person who travels and goes to new or earlier visited places is known as a tourist or a traveller. In Layman’s language, one might not find a difference between a traveller and a tourist, but there is a subtle difference between them.

A tourist is a person who visits different places to capture photos for making memories. The sole purpose of a tourist is to make memories for his future self to reminisce later and feel the nostalgia later. This person lives in the present to create nostalgia for his future self.

A traveller is a person who visits places for the sole purpose of travelling to that place. This person might take photos but not because he wants to make memories. You can call him a wanderer. He has a penchant for visiting different places.

Every person in his life is either a tourist or a traveller, and sometimes one has a phase which can be interchanged with the other after some time.

Here’s a list of 10 Things that you learn while travelling.

How leaving comfort zone can be rejuvenating?

It is always said that great things come outside of one’s comfort zone. While travelling, one can never possibly be in one’s comfort zone. You might have to wake up early to reach a specific point to view the sunrise or sleep late after a tribal or local or pre-planned disco night. You may be afraid or tired or cheerful but what you will never be is bored!

How to make friends?

Some people might like to keep their circle small, but one should always know a lot of people. Getting to know strangers and making them friends is a trait that everyone should imbibe. How can one use one’s elevator pitch to break the ice and leave an everlasting impression on another person and make new contacts all over the world!


Travel makes you experience little moments of joy and surprise

While travelling, when a grandmother gives you share of her handmade food would make you realise that how big of a heart can a person have. Once in a blue moon, when you witness and an emergency – e.g. a woman giving birth to her child etc. You will come across the most beautiful processes of life without even intentionally wanting to experience it. Life is all about little things and experiences.

How is a human capable of handling almost every situation on his own

Imagine yourself on a trip to Mumbai and then suddenly you plan to go to Goa for a few days, but you have not packed enough for another destination, you will instantly become creative and might also produce some DIYs. How one transforms, boost one’s confidence, becomes social, friendly et cetera cannot be-taught altogether by anything except travelling.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Travelling teaches us various Cultures and appreciate the differences

Remember, when we learnt about the cultures of various places in theory at school. Travelling can give you a flavour of the general approach in practice. Visiting museums, local markets, religious shrines, restaurants etc. can provide you with a more comprehensive insight into that place’s culture than one can ever learn through books. As different religions teach you to respect each other; similarly, every culture will have a necessary foundation that will not be difficult to notice that is humility and acceptance. Isn’t it the best to taste the different flavours of people, anyway variety is the flavour of life!

Travel teaches us to view life beyond possessions.

It is human nature to keep collecting societal possessions- mainly materialistic. But travelling is one thing that gives you a reality check that however rich you might be or whatever amount of money you may have, but you are not sufficient till you have a basic sense of humanity.

While travelling, you may only have food for one, but another hungry traveller will accompany you, you will not hesitate to share your meal with him/her.

It doesn’t matter if you have higher degrees or a bungalow until you don’t know how to live collectively being a social animal. The only possession you would have while travelling would be your stories to share with others and the courage to make stories while having fun for the next time.

How being Alone can be a good thing

There is a difference between alone and being lonely. What one should never be is lonely (one should be fun enough to keep oneself occupied and one must not get bored of oneself). What one should be ( from time to time) is alone! It is important for introspection and viewing the world without anyone’s perspective. The journey would be yours exclusively and all you will do it reminisce about it later. Entering into crowd filled bars, seeing a sunset on your own, feeling romantic with things you might have never even supposed connected to is the beauty of travelling alone.

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Trying new things

What if you were told to eat a specific meal throughout your life. Oh! Even the thought of it is unpleasant.

Imagine being an Italian citizen and offered to eat a leaf in your motherland, I am pretty sure, more than 80% of people would not try it. Now imagine yourself travelling to India and offered different flavours of mouth fresheners wrapped in leaves. You might be hesitant at first, but I am sure being in a new place gives a different sort of courage to explore new things.

Lessons can be learnt from every situation

Lessons are taught to us when we least expect worse things to happen. When you are travelling alone, you will converse with anyone to everyone on local buses, trains and yet you have to be vigilant about your surroundings and keep your things safe.

Through observations and conversations, you will get a broader horizon of different sorts of lives that people live and will learn to respect the differences. Each person will have an intriguing life story to share. You might meet philosophers who will shred wisdom.

Travel teaches us a universal language beyond words

SMILE! The universal language of kindness, humility and acceptance. Though the local language of the place is significant for communication, there is a language beyond words which is body language. Your facial expressions tell a lot about your feelings which you might struggle to convey in words.

To be candid with the reader family – you cannot be much misinterpreted with a smile on your face. The more approachable you would be, the more fun you will have while travelling.

Remember: Everyone has troubles, and everyone craves to see smiling faces. Let your facial curves curb your fear!

“Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets”

Oscar Wilde

Travelling is therapeutic to the soul, which often gets tired from the nuts and bolts of life. You encounter many things when you travel, which might not be even known otherwise. Everything that a human being to encounter teaches him or her a lesson – be it be a small one or a life-changing one.

Ten such lessons were shared in this article. I hope this article was all that you were searching for.
Now, pack your bags and get going to the safe places in your chats with friends or imagination or day-dreams. Do not forget to pack extra masks in case of emergencies. Once, everything gets back to normal; you would not have to waste additional time to plan your next trip.

In the end, I would want to quote Jackie Chan: “Travel. Your money will return; your time won’t.”


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