Let me take the honour and utmost privilege to strengthen your Immune System to the versatile variety of viruses, bacteria, fungi etc. which might fascinate your creative instinct but may not be fascinating for your health. With total impunity and immunity. You might have come across several methods to boost immunity. The methods may be conventional or contemporary, but their results are the same.

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Generally, we might have heard in our Indian households about the use of desi or traditionally homemade medicines with the help of tulsi leaves, Haldi (turmeric), curry leaves, basil leaves, certain spices such as cloves etc . to be beneficial for certain diseases such as flu influenza, headache etc. Other contemporary ways of boosting immunity include the intake of vitamin supplements.

Example – Nowadays, vitamin C tablets are flowing in the market like dead fishes in the sea as they are considered to be immunity boosters and primary prevention against COVID-19.

In this article, you might come across almost everything that you have been looking for.

the immune system strength

So, what exactly is our immune system, and why is it important?

Since the immune system is a host defence system comprising of a complex network of organs, tissues and cells and many biological structures and processes within an organism that protects and helps the body in fighting against various infections and diseases, in layman’s language it is like the watchman to the society who stops every invader and the dangerous people entering into the society premises. So it is too essential for us to take care of it.

Some functions of the immune system are :

1. It replaces the old and damaged cells in our body by new ones.
2. It defends the host from pathogens, allergens, cancerous cells and toxins that can cause harm to it.
3. It provides memory against future infections from the same pathogen.

Weak immune system?

The immune system protects our body from bacterias, viruses, germs and other threats. It also restricts cancerous growths and tumours inside the body. But sometimes even our immune system tends to get deviated from the track, and that is when we get a weaker response to several threats. This weak response is called an immune deficiency, and it makes us inadequate to fight off viral infections or diseases.

Sometimes, our immune system gets weak because of stress, or a low diet, or due to any other sort of illness can all prevent it from performing its essential functions. If for whatever reason your immunity has decreased, you will not be able to take on those external elements that make you sick, so it becomes imperative for you to take proper care of it.

Ways of strengthening the Immune system

ways of strengthening immune system

1. Diet and Immune System

Immune system and diet work hand in hand for an individual. The better your diet, the better your immune system will be. So, proper nutrition is the key to your body, not to have any health complications and be healthy. Not only does it protect your body, but it also helps in immediately fighting against harmful viruses and bacteria that affect our body and impede the development of daily activities.

A sound immune system is a result of regular healthy and nourishing food. Eating an all-rounded diet enriched with antioxidants and vitamins A, C, D, E keep our immune system healthy and running correctly. Having supplements and multivitamins in your diet can provide multiple health benefits. 

Many herbs and pills are also available in the market that claims of boosting the immune system. But, the points that should be taken care of are that everything must be taken in moderation and before going for such pills, you must consult a physician. 

2. Workout and Immune System 

A strong link and connection exist between exercise and the body’s defence mechanisms. Exercising helps our defence system perform at a higher level. Practising yoga, doing a daily walk or remaining strict to a regular exercise based routine can help in decreasing the chances of you developing any health issues.

Exercising improves the flow of blood through our body and helps in flushing out the toxins from our body via the excretory system in the form of sweat and urine. This, in turn, reduces the chance of catching a cold, flu, or other disease and illnesses.

Let’s see what health experts have to say on this ? 

Medicine Experts are often considered to be health experts. South-East Asian culture offers blind faith and trust on these experts and what is better than getting to know the viewpoint of these experts. So, Here is what they have to share with us. Well, according to the health experts, exercising regularly helps in the production and strengthening of white blood cells (WBCs), also known as leukocytes in medical terms which help in fighting harmful pathogens that enter our body. It also helps in the rapid circulation of leukocytes, allowing them to detect dangerous pathogens even before they can cause any problem. 

Apart from this, health experts also say that is very vital and in fact should be mandatory for all of us to include daily exercise even a 30-minute walk too, in our lifestyle to have our immune system in a superior condition. 

3. Medical Conditions and Immune System 

Medical conditions, like heart conditions, joint problems, diabetes, or cancer, can reduce the efficiency of your immune system. Therefore, extreme measures ought to be taken to keep our health in check.

When one is already suffering from any ailment or more broadly any medical condition, then it might hinder the defence system’s ability to ward off viruses and germs. This may lead to you suffering from flu, cold and sore throat more frequently as compared to other people. So, one has to take the necessary medications as well as other appropriate measures to keep his/her immune system and health in check.

4. Stress and the Immune System 

There might be several reasons for you feeling being stressed. From demanding jobs to a financial stress to relationship breakdowns and much more, one might be having anxiety because of any reason. But then it becomes essential that it is curbed as soon as it is possible by seeking professional help or talking to and sharing one’s thoughts to near and dear ones. If one is going through some stressful times in life, one must know that it possibly can have a major impact on mental stability and physical health.

Being stressed most of the times can become a factor in hindering the effectiveness of the immune system hence making one more prone to viruses and bacteria. Apart from affecting your immune system, stress can also lead to problems in the sleep cycle, high blood pressure, cardiovascular issues like stroke and heart attack and depression.

Chronic stress can have an even worse impact on health, the most well-known ones being inflammatory and autoimmune disorders. When one feels stressed, a hormone which is released to curb stress; cortisol is produced by the body that can cause the body to struggle to relax, and it’s an inflammatory response and attack itself. This impairs the immune system, and after that, it won’t be able to produce more white blood cells for the body. So, this is a significant issue which should be taken care of.

5. Age and Immune System 

Ageing is one of the reasons for a weakened immune response. As ageing occurs, the body cells tend to get weaker, and new cells’ production becomes slower. This is the reason why older people tend to get sick more often and take time to heal from ailments. There is no solution as such to the ageing issue, but there are things which one can do to delay the occurrence of ageing.

The primary factor being a change in lifestyle like from eating healthy to doing regular exercise, quitting bad habits like smoking and drinking, avoiding to remain stressed, following healthy sleeping practices and maintaining sleep cycles, aid in coping up with the process of ageing and more such lifestyle changes as having been discussed in detail in the above paragraphs.

Since ageing is a natural phenomenon, and there is nothing one can do about it. It is just that with certain lifestyle modifications, one can make a pleasant experience out of ageing. You must have heard about the famous phrase “a healthy mind resides in a healthy body” so, make sure that you live and laugh so that your mind also stays fit as staying happy all the time also helps in keeping it healthy.

Some good habits as said by the doctors, physicians, yogic gurus etc. which help in strengthening immunity are-

good habits for your immune system

  • Avoid junk food.
  • Maintain weight.
  • Eat healthy food.
  • Proper sleep
  • Stop Smoking
  • Implement exercise in your daily routine.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or have it in a limited amount
  • Take minimum stress.
  • Wash your hands frequently to kills germs and bacteria.
  • Always clean the meat before eating.

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I hope this article would have helped you understand the importance of a sound mind and a healthy body even more. Now, as remuneration I want you all to take care of yourselves and break up with all the toxic and unhealthy habits.

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