By the end of 2021 summer half of the world population will be vaccinated from deadly Coronavirus.But is it still necessary to wear a mask in public space?

Ever since the wave of COVID-19 hit us, masks have become a necessity! A shield against infections! But like every initiative has an opposition, there’s been a small but a loud uproar against wearing masks.


The first movement against masks was seen in USA where protestors often termed it as ‘oppression’. The movement slowly spread to Spain, France, and London, Belgium and now is gradually gaining momentum in India and other parts of the world. Most of them call it a government conspiracy. What’s that about?

We went through various sites, studied about multiple movements, and we found a characteristic pattern of coronavirus outbreak is a government conspiracy to oppress masses! Some of them found wearing masks unfashionable or annoying! Some compared it with “living like zombies on the streets”. Hey, their words, not mine! A few of them linked with conspiracy revolving around the 5G technology! (Don’t ping me on this one, even I don’t understand it)

But should you worry about it being a government conspiracy? But first!

Let’s battle some important questions one by one.


Yes. Although I know some of you were really wishing the answer was inconclusive, I’m here to confirm that while wearing masks might not give you 100% protection, it still reduces your risk of being infected.

The answer is simple! Masks cover your mouth, nose which blocks the airway for viruses, germs, bacteria to enter. Let’s say if I was to sneeze on you, you would be protected by your mask such that the bacteria, virus, bacteria does not enter your body through your mouth and nose. 

It reduces the amount of viruses, germs bacteria that are being spread into the environment!


Well there are two types of masks available: Medical masks (which has further surgical masks and N95 respirators), and non medical fabric masks. Which one to use will be dependent on the market availability, cost, comfort which translates to, it’s entirely up to you! 

What are the differences between Fabric mask and Medical Mask?

“Medical masks are a type of personal protective equipment used to prevent the spread of respiratory infections. These masks cover the mouth and nose of the wearer and, if worn properly, may be effective at helping prevent transmission of respiratory viruses and bacteria.”

“Fabric masks are pieces of cloth (not necessarily medical) like handkerchief which are used to cover up your mouth. These masks are cut out from fabric print, although there is not much study to prove their effectiveness, it is advised only for general public”



Medical Masks! Although when medical masks are not necessarily easily available, fabric masks can be used as a substitute to give you protection. It might not be as effective but it’s still better than nothing. 

While surgical masks are most commonly used and are available, there are N95 respirators available too (although these are definitely not easy occurrence). They are more fitting and the most effective when it comes to protection against infection!

So should you buy a medical mask or a fabric mask?

According to World Health Organization (WHO),

Medical masks are more effective as they’re specifically designed to save you from respiratory diseases (they filter air by absorbing the dirt particles)! They help people from spreading the disease and catching it! Since medical masks cannot be produced on a large scale and be available to general public, WHO recommends medical masks for the following:

  • Health workers
  • Anyone with symptoms suggestive of COVID-19, including people with mild symptoms 
  • People caring for suspect or confirmed cases of COVID-19 outside of health facilities

It is more advisable to get surgical masks as they are easily available.

So what can general public do to protect themselves?

That’s where the role of fabric masks kick in. You can protect yourself from catching CODVID-19 when you’re using public transport/or visiting public areas. While it’s true that fabric masks are not a sufficient protection, it still reduces your chances of being infected.

But what about it being annoying, unfashionable and just simply yuck?

Well, think of masks as the modern hat. A new kind of fashion statement! You want to look cool? Wear a mask, be a role model for the next generation! Instead of following the existing trends, start your own trend! Strut through the streets (although I advise you to go out only when necessary) wearing that stunning masks! Uncomfortable fashion is so last summer; protective fashion is so modern and futuristic! 

Back to the original question, are masks a conspiracy or a necessity?

So I went through various sites to study the conspiracy theory of anti maskers. Some of them believed it would deprive people of oxygen to kill them! Well no, masks actually have tiny pores through which filtered air enters through and the rest dirt particles are absorbed by the outer layer. What it actually does is purify the air you breathe (however, the same cannot be said about fabric masks)

Some of them believe that it is a government conspiracy to oppress the masses. While some may say it is funded by Bill Gates so that he can create medical nano bots! Even I don’t understand this theory because honestly having medical nano bots will be pretty good step towards medical advancement. Some of the protestors link it to 5G technology. But we all that these suspicions also revolved around 4G and we survived it just fine(honestly we’re thriving on it)!

Well to answer your claims, I know it feels frightening to accept changes even if it’s good for us. It is human nature to show resistance to anything that challenges our pre-existing notions of how the society exists. 

Should you really worry about it being a conspiracy?

Take a look around you, people are being thrown out of their jobs, the economic structure is tumbling down, the more we resist, the more there is to resist. The pandemic went from “I’m going to learn new stuff” to “I think I can’t even string a word together because I  just feel so blue”. People are dying around us, constantly praying for a cure.

So when I say that who cares if all of this is just a government conspiracy? Who cares if Bill Gates wants to create nano bots? Would you really want to risk your life on a maybe? Even if you are willing to risk yours, are you willing to have somebody else’s blood on your hands?

Even if COVID-19 turns out to be a big scam, don’t you want to stick around to find out if it was really true or not? The problem with conspiracies is just that they are just conspiracies. Not the whole truth, not the facts, it’s just a theory that somebody came up with because they had too much free time. 

So until there are proofs to back you up, walk with the crowd! Because if you don’t, there soon may not be a crowd to walk with!

A lot of questions will eat you up; a lot of theories will occupy your mind but let me tell you, those things are not in your control. The only thing we have in control is our own health. Protect yourself and your own by wearing a mask!

Wear a mask and make it a fashion statement! 

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

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