What if there is a way to lose weight and be in shape for a lifetime without having to do workout ever. Tapeworms are flat, and segmented worms fall in the category of parasites that lives in the intestines of animals (hosts). These parasites can infect a host by drinking contaminated water. It can also affect the animal from grazing pastures or eating an infected animal. Tapeworms feed on the host’s body and absorb most of the nutrients leading to an inadequate diet, ultimately leading to weight loss in animals.

However, ingesting a parasite like a tapeworm could be lethal. It may have many side effects like nausea, weakness, fever, but brilliant scientists studying the impact of tapeworm and using its power for the betterment of the world lead to effective treatments for weight loss.

What is Tapeworm Diet to Lose Weight?

Podcast about weight loss using a tapeworm diet

The tapeworms’ diet to lose weight is the same as infecting yourself with tapeworms and waiting for it to attach to the intestine. After attaching to your body, tapeworms starts working by feeding off the food you eat and creating a metabolism leading to fat loss.

Unpleasant Symptoms of Tapeworm


Tapeworm Diet needs to be controlled unless it could be bad for your body. If not controlled properly, it can attach itself to the organs and may cause unpleasant symptoms like :

  • Abdominal pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Weakness

You may also experience:

  • allergy to the tapeworms
  • bacterial infections
  • neurological issues

Always consult a doctor before adopting any diet as it may have an allergy reaction and may be harmful for your body

It may also lead to complications that may occur because of long term and regular ingestion of tapeworm. It includes blockage of bile ducts, appendix, or pancreatic duct, neurocysticercosis.

Where to get Tapeworm for Weight loss Diet?


There are multiple sellers online selling tapeworm pills and assuring 100% weight loss results. But it could be deceiving. So make sure it has labelling which states approval by your countries health department, for united states, it is FDA ( Food and Drug Administration). It is difficult to tell if pill contains tapeworm without ingesting it and waiting for a month and have a checkup with your doctor.

There are many sources that scam people by saying they sell tapeworm diet pills so be sure you check and research your sources and may consult a dietician regarding that. For people of the United States, you may note that you cannot get these pills from a reputable medical professional. The Food and Drug Administration has banned these pills.

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How to get rid of a tapeworm?


One of the most important part of tapeworm diet is to get rid of them on time. To get rid of a tapeworm or treat a tapeworm infection, your doctor may prescribe some oral medication or other treatments depending on the type of infection you have. So its suggested that you should consult him before taking any medication.

The common medications used for treating tapeworm parasite infection are

  • Albendazole (Albenza)
  • Praziquantel (Biltricide)
  • Nitazoxanide

Treatments used for an invasive tapeworm infection (outside your intestines) may include prescribing Albendazole to treat cysts in addition to other treatments as well. These treatments may include:

  • anti-seizure medication if the infection is causing you to have seizures
  • treatment for hydrocephalus (swelling of the brain) if it occurs, by placing a tube in your head to drain off the excess fluid
  • surgical removal of cysts
  • treating inflammation caused by the infection

Each type of treatment is determined by the type of infection you have, the type of tapeworm, and the complications that’ve developed due to the infection.

What is the history of Tapeworm Diet?

If the tapeworm diet is so unhealthy, then where did it come from? The tapeworm diet started with women in the Victorian Era who wanted to achieve what that society viewed as beautiful. This was done in the hopes of attracting a husband. At that time, the standard for beauty was to look as if you had tuberculosis. They wanted pale skin, eyes that looked dilated, red cheeks and lips, and, of course, a tiny waist.

To achieve this standard of beauty, women went through extremes. They wore corsets so tight that they changed their bone structure and internal organs, took small doses of poison, and more. Ingesting tapeworms was one of the radical measures that used to lose weight.

This diet is still being used by some people today because, in theory, it seems like an easy way to lose weight without dieting or exercising regularly. In effect, it seems to be a “magic” pill. However, the reality is that its result may be far less than magical. source


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