A beautiful woman relaxing herself during break time at her workplace. The image is also quoted with how music helps to deals with stress.

Are you looking for the thing that washes away the stress from everyday life? Don’t you know that?

“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed hearts open.”

I often think of music. I live my dreams, and I see my life in terms of music.

So, now the colossal question arises which type of music we should listen to? Are there any particular music albums to handle different moods like sad songs, happy songs, party songs, and many more? But how can we choose the best one! Let’s come along with me. I will tell you everything about the best music you should listen to to handle your different moods. Let’s explore ourselves.

Music has a profound effect on our health, body, and emotions. Faster music can help you to become more concentrated in work and also helps to get alert. Upbeat songs allow you to feel more optimistic and positive vibes about your life. A slower tempo can relax your muscles, making you feel soothed while releasing the stress of the day. Music is very useful for relaxation and stress management of your mind as the whole day; several thoughts come into our mind. So, music helps to get some relaxation from them.

What research says!

  • Music is a source of pleasure and contentment, but there are several other benefits, such as psychological.
  • Music therapy is an invention for the patients also to cope with stress and depression.
  • Findings show that music around 60 beats per minute can cause the brain to synchronize with the rhythm, generating alpha brainwaves. This alpha brainwave is what is present when we are relaxed and conscious. To induce sleep, a person may need to devote at least 45 minutes, in a comfortable position, listening to calming music.
  • Researchers have also said that “listening to the music seems to be able to change brain functioning to the same extent as meditation.” Music is something that almost anybody can use and makes it an easy stress reduction tool.
  • According to Durham university’s recent search, sad music can also make you happy and bring pleasure to you.
  • But some people can cause negative feelings of profound grief by listening to sad music.
  • The research involves 2400 people in the UK, focusing on their emotions and experiences associated with listening to sad music. The majority of incidents reported are positive.
  • Music has proved to help patients with medical illnesses such as cancer and multiple sclerosis who are also depressed. It may be able to help you and your loved ones experience more positive moods.
  • Listening to your favourite music with headphones is found to be best suited to remove stress faster.
  • Music can also help to improve the mood of nursing students. It’s challenging for them to sometimes cope with different patients, so to get relaxed, music helped a lot.

From this, we all can see how the research proved music to be the best depression remover under challenging times. It also proved that sometimes sad music could also make you stress-free. Music also played as a stress remover tool by the doctors and even to cure the depressed patients. It also helps the doctors to make friendly contact with the patients with music. Listening to music can heal anyone faster.

 So, what you think we should listen to the music or not? What you lie to share with me, please go ahead and comment in the section below so that I can know more about your thinking too.

” Music is like a drug to our ears.”

In this lockdown period closing in between these walls gave all of us a lot of stress. No meetups with relatives friends for about six months are very difficult to spend. Music is the only tool used by everyone nowadays when they feel alone or when they want to cope with stress.

So what are you waiting for? Turn up the music and turn out the drama!!!!!!!!!!!

The beautiful thing is that music can be a time machine; just one song, the lyrics, the tone can take you back to the most adorable moment you want to go. Yes, this is the secret behind the pleasure. When listening to a song, sometimes it touches up deeply, and we start our imaginations. That imaginations take us to a world where we want to go, which is a stress reliever for our minds. 100 and 1000 things suddenly vanished, and there is a big smile on our face again.

But still, a secret is there which I will relieve later. Now comes the point of what type of music helps us to remove stress from our life. Yes, it is temporary, but music gives pleasure and comfort.

Small child is enjoying the music in his headphones. There is a quote from Keith Richards also in the image, "Music is a language that doesn't speak particular words. I speak in emotions, and it's in the bones, it's in the bones."

Different music for different mood:

  • Sometimes, when we are fed up with everything and found no path to go ahead or how to trust in this world, most people prefer to listen to qwali’s or patriotic songs, motivational songs. They get goosebumps and again start their work with high energy.
  • When anyone is sad, they love to listen to sad music.
  • At dance parties or weddings, we love to listen to the rocking songs to dance on and enjoy the full.
  • In meditation, some of us love to listen to the soft and soothing songs. I Believe that sometimes sad songs can also make us happy.

So, in brief, we all prefer to listen to different musical textures for other mood swings. One can also say that mostly the song we want to hear depends on our mood. Happy mood loves to listen to rocking and cheerful music; we love to listen to motivational songs and all that stuff in a demotivation environment.

So, basically what we conclude is that the choice of our music mainly depends on our mood.

Are you too excited to explore what more benefits are there while listening to music? Let’s explore more what the benefits of music are !!!

A quote from Plato is quoted along with a mobile phone and headphones.

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Benefits of Music:

  1. Music helps to remove stress:  As discussed earlier, also music plays a significant role in releasing the tension, and it works as a tool to remove stress. Scientists again proved that when a depressed patient listens to Music, 20% chances increase to feel free from the depression. Around 90% of people have more opportunities not to get stressed or depressed if they listen to music.
  2. Music helps to sleep faster and better: It happens with me a lot when 100 thoughts are running in my mind; usually, I compromise with my sleep. But a big alarm is there never do that. Whenever you feel that you cannot sleep comfortably, put on your headphones, and start listening to soft music. It will help you to sleep faster and better.
  3. Listening to music can improve your memory:  When dealing with stress, then your chances to solve any problem or concentration decrease. Science had proved that when you listen to some refreshing music and your all energy gets back to you and refreshment, your chance to learn anything increases. So, music plays a vital role in increasing your memory.
  4. Music improves motivation and performance: I know it is extraordinary. You also think music enhances motivation. How? Yes, music helps to stay motivated just. For example, when you are doing a workout or going to the gym, you prefer to listen to music that motivates you. At the gym, almost everywhere, while doing work out, songs are playing in the background. Didn’t you noticed !! It was played to concentrate on your work more carefully, and it also helps to improve your performance. 

Some more benefits of music are there, such as improving our performance, removing our pain, helping to pleasure, and comforting you.

Music is of many types such as Classical Music, Motivational Music, nature music, cinematic Music, Music between 50-80 beats per minute, video game music, sad music, and many more.

” With the right music, you can forget everything, or you remember everything.” 

To sum up, in the end, people prefer to listen to different music in different moods. This doesn’t mean that sad music makes you more miserable it can also help you get out of the sadness and make you refresh!!!!!


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