technology is boon as well as bone


The term Generation gap is defined as the difference between the thoughts, beliefs, tastes exhibited by the members of the younger generation and the older generation.


In today’s life, the young generation has adapted many new things like they use different slang, trends and fashion as compared to the older generation. The young ones are changing their folks according to their comfort level. They have brought a significant change in their lifestyle with the help of technology. They don’t believe in visiting or having a get together with their family members; rather they enjoy face time by using their digital gadgets like mobile phones or computers etc.


According to today’s generation, freedom and individuality are more important than by living with their elders and spending quality time; instead, their quality time lies in playing video games or using their other gadgets for the entertainment.

The youth depends upon their cell phones and their social media groups, friends instead of being with their families they sit in their room and use their cell phones and are busy with the social media rather than spending quality time with their parents, grandparents, and siblings.

They keep themselves alive with their social accounts and prove themselves better than the others whom they even don’t know they give more importance to useless things. They don’t go out on vacations with their families anymore; they want to stay home in their room. They enjoy the internet rather than real-life adventures.


On the other hand, the old generation is prolonged when it comes to technology because they believe in quality life not in the digital life they love spending time with their beloved ones, rather than sticking to unknown people on the social media platform. They go out with their family and close ones to have a good time and spend their whole life making beautiful memories.



The most annoying thing that had come up according to some surveys is that the young generation finds the old generation boring and irritating because they cannot adopt the new technology very fast, this is one of the foremost reason that this string of the generation gap has gone very far from each end. The technology is not a boon for the old generation; they love spending time in person rather than on face time.


The most common conflict is that the old generation doesn’t believe in social platforms, and the young ones think that they will be considered as moron if they don’t handle a Twitter or Facebook account. In contrast, the old generation doesn’t give much importance to such things they don’t think that if they are not on twitter or any other social media platform, then they don’t have a good life rather they are of this belief that if they don’t live a good life with their friends and family they will end up having a boring life which doesn’t have some cherishing memories, about those they can think latter in their life and feel alive ones again.



The young generation is depriving themselves of having a great time with their beloved ones. It’s not that the older people don’t use digital gadgets at all they do. Still, they are not addicted to them, they are also a part of the social media upload the pictures with their families, grandchildren, friends, but they don’t sum up their lives to the digital things.


The new generation doesn’t believe in paperback reading they are all the time surrounded by their gadgets; they can’t separate themselves from the use of technology in their daily life. They can’t deprive themselves of using the devices they find it very easy and depend on many things like shopping, movies, work.

On the other hand, the old generation is a believer of doing things personally they don’t think that purchasing goods online is a good idea, the something that fake sites can make them fools, and people can easily take their money; they are afraid of cybercrimes apart from this they are not very familiar with the latest technology and its use.

There are many drawbacks of the technology for the young generation as they spend their most of the time by sitting in front of the computers or cell phones they have made their bodies very weak by just lying down at one place they don’t work out or go for a walk. They have become very inert and dependent on digital tools; they have lost their interest in the physical activity they want to sit on their laptops or spend time while using cell phones.

Whereas the old generation is physically solid because they do their work on their own, they don’t take help of the digital gadgets for their much work. The old generation holds a great experience of practical work whereas the young are surrounded by the digital world only.


The young ones don’t look at the old ones as a boon, and they should look at them with a different outlook because they have a great bag of life experiences, they should learn the folk values and the rituals and should follow them rather than being busy with their digital life. They should spend more and more quality time with their elders.

One can learn many things from their elders which is impossible to learn from the use of technology. The elders have a comprehensive sight of life and had gone through a lot of situations, from which the youngsters can learn and apply those things in their lives so that they don’t face many problems while dealing with the outside world.


 One can learn patience, dedication, hardworking skills and smart work skills from the elders. If we have excess to vast numbers of gadgets that doesn’t mean that we have achieved everything or our life if full of sources, one should always learn about the new technology, but with keeping their roots attached with their folks.

We all should remember that no matter how fast our life goes on but one can never get to experience or values from the latest use of technology, which one can experience or call to learn by being in touch with the elders and the beloved ones in person not on the social media.

The younger generation should make their elders familiar with the usage of technology so that they also don’t feel left out in any way. Somehow the generation gap is something that can’t be erased from our life. Still, we can make sure that no matter how much the technology grows or what new things come up but we always stay attached to our elders and folk values with these things we get to experience a lot of things and learn several values.

Love and respect your elders and grow together.

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